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Americana Lady

What a giving idea! God bless your kindness! Joan


I saw your space featured in the Studios magazine today and I love it! I really enjoyed browsing your blog. Your Hope in a Bag kits are so great! Thanks for all the artistic inspiration.
BTW, I'm in NC too but I'm from Chicago and still LOVE the snow :) Stay warm!


Roberta!! You are so inspirational...I absolutely love the hope in a bag...I will have to remember that I think we all need to remember as hard as we think we have it there are people out there worse off!!!


I don't envy you Roberta! That snow looks freezing! brrrrrrrrrrr...


well, you said like me in the summer! altho, once it's been cold for a while, i start to complain of that too. it just doesn't get very cold here in dallas. the snow looks so lovely when it's in pictures or on vacation, but i'm sure it gets old if you live in it for months....

Rita Ackerman

I sure know what you mean about feeling trapped. I can go days without going anywhere but if my car is in the shop I have a million places to go. I just have to say it's been in the 70s here all week. (Ummm sorry)

A great reminder to think of the others. The homeless are sad here but I can't imagine seeing them out there in snow. We are gathering items for a shelter through my writing group. There's always a way to help.


You are so sweet. I received the rubbers (stampers) today and they are really great. The grandchildren and I are going to have so much fun. Big Don got in the box, figuratively not literally, and found one he has already absconded with. It resembles the old "Kilroy was here"...a little forehead, eyes and fingertips looking over something. He thinks he is going to stamp that after his name when he writes some one...hahahahahaha...he never writes anyone! Thanks again. I hope all went they are great.


You got more snow that we did....it's been known that your area gets more anyway....ruh roh! Keep those packs handy!


I hate the winter... When will spring arrive?? ;)

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