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I will take a Cafe Mocha with Whipped Cream please!

Cortney Lyon

You know I love a good long day at Barnes! I wish they had comfy chairs at the one that we live near, but they don't...I guess they dont want people to get to cozy. O think I may double up on the Think About It Thursday posts next week since I missed out this week.


Very interesting.I hadnt really thought about it before, I guess a lot of my reads came from others recommendations. I don't like to go into a book store and wonder just by reading the back page if the book is going to be any good or not. I feel it wastes time! I always read at least the first chapter if I do want to try out a new author, and then if I don't like the way the words flow (or don't flow) or if there is any swearing in it I won't carry on reading it. That is a big turn off for me, I hate swearing and explicit things or violence in books. I guess I would go more for period books like Little Women, Emma etc and I like modern day dramas. I love Jodi Picoult, Nicolas Sparks comes in second. Whew, that was a long comment! Anyway have a great weekend Roberta!


Wow what a great answer this week. I love Barnes and Noble and never get to fully enjoy it since I'm not allowed to leave the house without my 5 year old in tow. (Her rule, not mine.) So, I end up in the children section for hours when we go and I'm lucky to look at one adult book.

I'm off to check out the blogs you recommended. I'm dying to know how this Lucy manages to do everything with 5 kids when I can barely get anything done with 3. I need to take notes.

Thanks again for your suggestion and participating.

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