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I love your new hairdo. It truly is a "fix" isn't it? That's not good with you being allergic to the hair dye - yikes! I really need to cover my greys now too come to think of it!


Hi Roberta!

I think your new hair cut & color look fantastic on you. Don't you just love it when it all comes out the way you wanted it to look?

I thank you for visiting the Gazebo House & leaving such a nice comment. I wanted to let you know that I had a hard time finding you to locate your blog. Clicking on your name does not show your blog link in your profile, which is how I get back to most people. Even going back to Mary's MM linky party didn't have your name listed. I just started searching & luckily found you.
I don't know how typepad lets your blog be shown in your profile but you might want to check that out. Others might not be so persistent as me. LOL


Wow Roberta! What a gorgeous hair cut and color! It totally suits you! I love the lighter shade on you, makes you look MUCH younger than the darker color you showed us a little while back!!!(not that you looked OLD but you know what I mean! I hope!) Smoking girl! I especially like the first and last picture, natural and loose...


You made me laugh when you said you were coming back to your roots:-) It always amazes me how true it is when they say what goes around comes around and that applies in hair styles too!


You look gorgeous! That blonde look suits you so much! You know, I've read somewhere before that the hair color that's supposed to suit us best is the one we had when we were kids...so there you go! I'm blonde as well out of necessity..meaning, that's the only way to hide all my gray (I'm almost completely grey-white- and like you: that was NOT an option for me- lol!)
So, welcome to the blonde club (the sharp and witty kind!)

Bobbi Ann Cook

Hi, Great mosaic, beautiful new hair to! I hope that you have a wonderful week!

Cortney Lyon

Love the new hair! My hair has grown so long that I have to pull it back when I brush my teeth or I will spit on it. TMI, I know.

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