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love the pages you made for the 21 challenge..they are really creative


Thanks so much Bonnie...really appreciate you lovely comments.  Having this challenge has been great and love the accountablility and so hoping that I establish a daily habit of this after the 21 days.  Off to my studio, catch up with you sometime in the near future...lol

Fondly, Roberta


Mac...you are too funny...my chair is "resting in peace" with it's animal skin shroud...but on days like this it is very hard to rest napping...I do want to keep working at it and I'm hoping that the 21 days will start this "habit" thing for me...wish me luck!  Have a great day, Roberta xoxxo

Debbie McIntyre

I'm so glad you're doing this everyday! I think you'll have to keep it up after the project is over. Love your work....again. Man, your comfy chair must really be calling out to you!


Hi Roberta
I am just fascinated by your art work, I look forward to each day just so I can see what you have done! I really like this technique about painting over photo copied photos, what a great one, and something I want to try! Thanks for sharing your tips and photos. I didn't even notice that the photos look a bit yellow like you say, they look fine to me! I need to start on today's challenge. Have a good day!

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